App iframes not loading in Jira Cloud?

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I’m continuing my migration from Jira Server to Jira Cloud to conform with Atlassian’s server end-of-life in 2024.

One issue that has held me back for the last few weeks was the fact that apps didn’t really load consistently in the popup/sidebar-based issue UIs. I’m an avid user of HeroCoder’s Checklist for Jira app, among others, so not being able to see the checklist in most of Jira’s issue views was a bit of a dealbreaker for me.

(A primer: the way Jira’s apps work on Cloud is that each app loads in its own iframe for “security reasons”. This is very different from how apps work on Server and Data Center. In my case, the iframes weren’t even showing up in DevTools, so something was clearly messing up Jira’s JavaScript 🤷‍♀️)

Where’s the checklist?!

After some basic troubleshooting, I noticed the checklist and other apps loaded fine in incognito / other browsers, so clearly there was some issue with my Chrome config or extensions.

I started testing extensions one-by-one, hard refreshing after disabling each extension. As luck would have it, my issue got solved on the second try 🙂

So the solution is pretty simple – disable the Tronlink (TRX wallet) extension and Jira will work!

Unfortunately, I don’t actually know why Tronlink was causing problems – there weren’t any obvious errors in the DevTools console in Jira with Tronlink enabled. Maybe I’ll spend some time figuring this out later.

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