It’s now the end of October and time for my second monthly earnings breakdown! You can view the spreadsheet with my expenses/earnings for this month at the bottom of this post (does not work on mobile, unfortunately).

School has continued to be taking up a lot of my time lately, so earnings were down (again) this month. Hopefully this trend will reverse itself as I have less things to do after school now.

I started beta testing for RewardXP this month, but time was a limiting factor. I’m also getting back into Swagbucks – I’m looking to try out a few money-maker offers as well as the coupons. Also, I started doing Sendy this month, which is a service that pays a few cents to open various newsletters. Finally, I started Qmee Surveys this month which earned me a decent amount with the help of a notifier script.

I also picked up a new server as well as a few licenses for various software.